West Ham Ground

The London Stadium is not just a symbol of architectural marvel but also the proud home of the West Ham team. As the heartbeat of football in Stratford, it reverberates with the passion and dedication of its loyal fans.

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London Olympic Stadium

Once the epicentre of the world's greatest sporting event, the London Stadium was formerly known as the Olympic Stadium during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Today, it stands as a versatile ex-Olympic stadium, hosting a plethora of events from captivating music concerts to exhilarating football matches and diverse entertainment shows.

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How to Get There From Stratford International Station


  1. Exit Stratford International Station: Upon leaving Stratford International Station, follow the signs for Westfield Stratford City, which is the shopping centre located adjacent to the station.
  2. Pass Through Westfield: You can walk through Westfield Stratford City for a quicker route. Head straight through the shopping centre, following signs for the London Stadium or Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  3. Exit Westfield onto The Street: Once you've walked through the shopping centre, you'll emerge onto The Street (an outdoor part of the shopping centre). Continue straight.
  4. Enter Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: As you continue walking, you'll approach the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. There will be clear pathways and signage guiding you to the London Stadium.
  5. Follow the Path: Walk along the pathways in the park. The London Stadium will soon come into view as you walk, and you can then follow the crowds or signs to your specific entrance or event.
  6. Arrive at London Stadium: It should take around 10-15 minutes to walk from Stratford International Station to the London Stadium, depending on your pace and crowd levels on event days.


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